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pop-up productions kent

*Welcome to Pop-Up Productions*

Pop-Up Productions is a self-financing independent company specializing in entertainment events, dedicated to delivering workshops and training opportunities for performers. Our offerings include theatrical and musical events such as concerts, musicals, and plays. Unlike a traditional drama society or club, we do not have memberships or committees. Instead, we operate on a flexible, project-based model that allows performers to engage with us on a per-event basis. When an event catches your interest, simply audition or apply to be a part of it.

We regularly produce weekend workshops, concerts, plays, and musicals. Keep an eye out for news on our forthcoming themed workshops, which feature live band stage presentations and exciting new musicals. We're particularly excited to announce our upcoming Showcase!! —details will be released soon! At Pop-Up Productions, we are committed to creating high-quality, engaging entertainment while fostering the growth and development of performers.

*Our Mission Statement*

Pop-Up Productions strives for the highest standards, encouraging growth in performers and delivering a professional approach from casting to curtain call. Our seasoned directors, who bring a wealth of experience across various genres, oversee every aspect of our productions to ensure excellence. Our mission is to produce captivating plays, dynamic musicals, and electrifying concerts while providing invaluable workshops and training opportunities for performers from all backgrounds. 

As an independent production house without a fixed home, we have the freedom to utilize diverse and innovative performance spaces, offering immense variety for both performers and audiences. With a dedicated team of three, we are committed to producing the best possible end product while encouraging and improving the skills of everyone we work with. For top-notch delivery from start to finish, choose Pop-Up Productions—the professional approach from casting to curtain call!

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