Dancing forever and forever dancing that's me!

I started dancing at a young age and by my late teens I was regularly competing in Britain and Europe. These experiences first gave me the appetite to train as a dance teacher and to help encourage those I teach throughout their journey, to achieve their goals.


Trained in many styles of dance and qualified to teach them, I'm a professional dance teacher running classes, social dances, clubs and workshops in many venues around the Weald of Kent.


My dance classes encompass everyone from beginners to the experienced and even professional. One of the biggest thrills is the immense kick I get from watching first timers, who say they can’t dance, moving around the room and beginning to dance by the end of the first lesson! Learning to dance with me is not just about the teaching. I act as a mentor helping you to build your confidence, passion and enthusiasm to attain your goals and beyond.


I also teach musical theatre and drama and have been involved in acting since my childhood. During my teens I also began to direct productions and this continues to be an important part of my life. My love of theatre has seen me open my Staplehurst Young Performers Stage and Dance School, further fullfilling my aim to make the performing arts accessible to all.

So, that’s me Jack Davidson forever dancing! I look forward to welcoming you along to one of my classes whatever your age to start you dancing forever too.